Prosthethic X part of the Living Looonger exhibition at NEMO

On January 19th, 2024 the exhibition Living Looonger opened at NEMO – De Studio.

Living Looonger is about growing older, staying young, living together and being mortal. In different zones you will discover everything about the future of aging. Test your biological age, discover what you can do to live as long as possible and think about a world in which we are getting older.

We feel honoured that Prosthetic X is selected as one of the artworks to start a conversation on healthy and beautiful aging. For this set-up, four of the prosthetics have been selected; Under Pressure, Air Flutter, Speech Matter and Lotus. Next to that, our speculative movie is featured on a large screen, where we take the viewer to a immersed prosthetic future. lastly, also Data Donor Register is part in the exhibition. We are happy to see this in a new format, where visitors are invited to reflect on when they would like to share their health data.

The exhibition text of Prosthetic X is as follows:

“Using smart watches and apps, its easy these days to monitor your health. But what if your health status could be made visible for everyone on the outside of your body? Prosthetic X is a collection of imaginary ‘data organs’, prosthetics that provide insight into the physical, social and environmental health of the wearer. They literally move with your health and reveal its beauty. A last prosthetic is for an informal caregiver, who is informed remotely of how the prosthetic wearer is doing. “

Nemo Kennislink dedicated a journalistic research file on “How will we become old(er)?” – Lang zal je leven. Although only available in Dutch, we recommend you to have a look at it.

Next to Prosthetic X also other artworks reflecting on this theme can be experienced amongst others: Nina Farkache (Come a little bit closer), Alexia Audrain (The Hugging Chair), Kuang-Yi Ku (Tiger Penis Project) en the short movie Institute of Isolation from Lucy McRae.

The NEMO Studio is an additional location of NEMO Science Museum on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam. The exhibition and programming is especially for adults. You can visit the exhibition throughout 2024.