Interested in how an anatomical lesson of an artificial data organ would look like?

For the third time, our collaboration partner Isaac will lead the experiments for Prosthetic X during a testing night enabled by V2_.

During the first night, we focused on internal health indicators. The second night, we validated some assumptions on social interaction. This time, he will deep dive into how the prosthetics will look, give feedback and interact. Specifically how external environmental factors influence our health, like UV, air quality and Wi-Fi waves.

We will show various prototypes of the prosthetics and start a discussion on the data organ. He will demonstrate inflated membranes, color changing materials and moving tubes that indicate different states of the prosthetics and require action from the user. Members of the audience will participate, both those present at V2_ as those joining the live stream, by testing different options and reactions to read the data feedback. How can and should one read health data on the outside of a body? What data does one want to share and show externally? Finally the visitor will fill out the data donor register giving their consent about whether or not they would like to share their personal health data and with whom.

You can follow this event both online and offline at V2_. It is necessary to reserve a timeslot for both the online and the offline event. You can reserve for either 18:00h, 19:00 or 20:00h by sending an e-mail to Please indicate if you’d like to visit the event at the Groundfloor of V2_, or online online. Offline attendance will be limited!

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