Dikke Data Show - still Datavervuiling Episode with Sensing CO2 at 6.20m

The VPRO, a Dutch cross-media broadcasting association, has a program called the  Dikke Data Show  (The Fat Data Show). It is ‘about the world behind all those screens and what happens to our data’ and aimed at teenagers to answer questions on the online world.

Last spring, they contacted us to contribute to their newest series, wherein one of the episodes, they zoom in on data pollution and its impact, among other things. For the research, they used E-missions.nl and to actually taste the CO2 impact, they invited Leanne Wijnsma with the installation Sensing CO2. Quinty Misiedjan, the content creator and presenter, visits her, tastes the different email flavors, and asks Leanne to also make her taste the impact of social media use. Watch the episode and see her reaction. The episode was broadcast on October 15th,2023 on  Dutch national television.

It can be watched online here: De Dikke Data Show – Datavervuiling – Zapp . (Dutch only)