S+T+ARTS AIR - Open Call 1 Winners

Ten outstanding projects have been selected for the S+T+ARTS AIR first Open Call, and they’ll focus on one of these two directions: Resilient interspecies urban ecosystems and Human AI ecosystems.

The winners

In4Art will be involved as the art-driven innovation mentor for all the ten selected AIR S+T+ARTS residencies. Next to that, we are the sponsor of the Symbody project, with close collaboration with artist Natan Sinigaglia, PiNA and HEKAlab in Slovenia and SONY CSL in Rome. In the second week of January 2024, we will have our joint kick-off in Rome to go through the experiment plans of all projects linked to Sony CSL Rome and define our shared goals and ambitions.

About AIR

AIR is a project that harnesses the power of art, science, and technology to address the pressing challenges facing our society. It encapsulates the shared essence and concerns of all Europeans and everything on our planet – the air we breathe. The project has launched a new S+T+ARTS residencies programme focused on two main themes: Resilient interspecies urban ecosystems and Human AI Ecosystems, presenting a unique opportunity for artists to collaborate at the intersection of art, science, and technology. AIR is supporting and hosting 10 artists throught residencies between December 2023 and September 2024, distributing a total amount of 400.000 eur. AIR Residencies aim to have a lasting impact on the artistic community, as well as the broader public.

This project is funded by the European Union from call CNECT/2022/3482066 – Art and the digital: Unleashing creativity for European industry, regions, and society under grant agreement LC-01984767