S+T+ARTS Hungry Ecocities ● 2nd Open Call (Phase 2) for artists in the agri-food sector

At Hungry EcoCities, we are committed to addressing one of the most urgent challenges of our time: creating a healthier, more sustainable, and affordable agri-food system. Our mission involves conducting experiments and establishing real-world application scenarios to help European agri-food businesses implement responsible, AI-enabled innovations, essential for a sustainable food chain.

Join our first Webinar to transform the Agri-Food Sector with Innovative Art-Driven Solutions!

On the 11th of July at 10am we are inviting all Artists eager to test innovative concepts in real-life settings to join Hungry EcoCities 2nd Phase Webinar, meet experts and apply for funding of up to €37,500!

During the webinar, we will present a remarkable opportunity for artists to secure funding and explore the fusion of technology and art within designated test sites. We will select up to 10 individuals to join us in this groundbreaking project.

Save the date, and even if you can not join us live, register! For those of you who will give us marketing consent we will send the recording afterwards!

What will you receive from us?  

  • Funding up to €37,500

  • €1,500 for each pre-selected artist for Jury Day participation

  • €36,000 for each artist selected for the PPE – Paths to Progress Experiments residency (8 months)

  • Access to scientific expertise from the Hungry EcoCities scientist group

  • Creative studio access with creative storytelling knowledge

  • Project tools from Hungry EcoCities digital prototypes

  • Networking opportunities with our knowledge HUBs

About the Hungry EcoCities project:

Hungry EcoCities aims to address the pressing issue of creating a healthier, more sustainable, responsible, and affordable agri-food system. It plans to achieve this by rethinking technology and design incorporating them into art-driven experimentation and prototyping processes. The project strives to demonstrate the potential of a standardised development framework in enabling European agri-food businesses to deliver responsible, AI-enabled responsible innovation, a key cog behind a
sustainable food chain. Become a part of a community where innovation plays a central role, in revolutionising the European agri-food sector! (for more information visit: Hungry EcoCities –S+T+ARTS)

This Hungry EcoCities project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement  101069990