S+T+ARTS Hungry Ecocities ● Humanizing Technology Experiments Videos

As a partner in the HUNGRY ECOCITIES project, we are proud to present the final results of its first batch of S+T+ARTS residencies.

A VIDEO SERIES has been launched to illustrate the Humanizing Technology Experiments (HTE) conducted by artists from across the EU over the last nine months.

By Ivan Henriques
An AI model trained with mycorrhizae on plant symbiotic communication effects.

Project page on heclab.eu

By IM-A Studio
An algorithm to predict the value generation capacity of mussels, in real-time, anywhere in the world

Project page heclab.eu

By Bernat Cuní
A lens based AI model generating food system perspectives in real-time, triggered by scanning food products.

Project page on heclab.eu

By The Center for Genomic Gastronomy
An AI recipe generator that mixes seasonal food forest ingredients with proteins for healthy dishes.

Project page on heclab.eu

By Yiannis Kranidiotis
An AI Lighting TableWare generating lighting conditions enabling healthy eating habits during meal consumption.

Project page on heclab.eu

By Frederik De Wilde
A data set on effects in nutrition uptake in plants through electrical stimulation.

Project page on heclab.eu

About the Hungry EcoCities project:

Hungry EcoCities aims to address the pressing issue of creating a healthier, more sustainable, responsible, and affordable agri-food system. It plans to achieve this by rethinking technology and design incorporating them into art-driven experimentation and prototyping processes. The project strives to demonstrate the potential of a standardised development framework in enabling European agri-food businesses to deliver responsible, AI-enabled responsible innovation, a key cog behind a
sustainable food chain. Become a part of a community where innovation plays a central role, in revolutionising the European agri-food sector! (for more information visit: Hungry EcoCities –S+T+ARTS)

This Hungry EcoCities project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement  101069990