VYX originated as an Art-Driven Innovation project from the two-year research by Isaac Monté and In4Art on healthy aging within the project Prosthetic X (2019-2021).

It is a a low-tech, intuitive wearable device that empowers healthy and beautiful aging. VYX gives control over your skin’s exposure to UV, vitamin D uptake, and vitality while stimulating social interaction.

“Prevention is key for a healthy and beautiful lifestyle”​

We started with a question – how to contribute to good health and well-being, in an inclusive, empowering, and responsible way?

VYX combines the insights from Prosthetic X on an holistic, integrated approach to health. It shows that with today’s technology, it is possible to generate a new type of interactive interface: intuitive, non-screen based feedback giving the user real-time control on how to live a preventive lifestyle.  No apps or screens needed.

VYX Prototype

Entering the ‘silver era’ means we will have to rethink the way we age, what implications a growing aging population has on our healthcare system, and how can we age in healthy and beautiful ways. Let us give you an example – never have so many people suffered from skin cancer, now the second leading type of cancer. 97% of the population does not create enough vitamin D, leading to losing bone mass, muscle strength, and hair, mood changes, increased chance of cancer and heart disease, and more. They are unaware of their deficiency and lack incentives to change their behavior. Each human body is unique and processes vitamin D from UV or supplementation differently.

VYX can solve this. It serves as the preventive, aesthetical indicator for the functioning of (parts of) our body. It reacts when the wearer is within or outside the safe zone of healthy sunlight, important for vitamin D intake, while warning for too much UV exposure. It stimulates going outside in a safe manner and incentives the wearer to take the recommended number of steps. VYX is a device to monitor vitality and stimulate active living by means of gamification.

VYX participated in the S+T+ARTS in Motion accelerator program 2021

The project includes a large supportive network of R&D labs, health researchers, universities and technological partners.