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Data Donation Register

During the Dutch Design Week 2020, Oct 17-25, the project Prosthetic X  presents the first three proof-of-concepts of the prosthetics and the Data Donation Register. Since Prosthetic X envision an ‘artificial data organ’, consisting of interactive prosthetics that use sensitive data for communication and preventive health monitoring, it should be designed for privacy. Therefore, in parallel,


VYX originated as an Art-Driven Innovation project from the two-year research by Isaac Monté and In4Art on healthy aging within the project Prosthetic X (2019-2021). It is a a low-tech, intuitive wearable device that empowers healthy and beautiful aging. VYX gives control over your skin’s exposure to UV, vitamin D uptake, and vitality while stimulating social interaction. “Prevention

Data Donor Register

The Data Donor Register (DaDoR) is developed to provide data ownership for the users of Prosthetic X. However, the DaDoR has value on its own and is broader applicable towards wearables and IoT devices. Therefore, it is being developed as an additional project. It is important to take into consideration when developing ‘data gathering devices’


Art is a powerful engine for responsible innovations In4Art combines the power of ‘the third source of experimentation’ – artistic experimentation – with rigorous research and a practical perspective on the need to create lasting value. As an innovation platform, In4Art is interested in making connections between science, technology and the arts. The organisation’s work

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About our projects: Prosthetic X: “Privacy and the value of Data” | Dezeen – October, 2020 “Organische sieraden van Isaac Monté verzamelen gezondheidsdata bij ouderen” | DesignDigger – November, 2020 “Next Generation: Grow old technologically with Prosthetic X” | Next Nature Network – December, 2020 B-Hind: “Celebrating the internet of anal things” | We Make

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Material innovation from a sustainable perspective is relevant and much needed. New materials form the basis of our modern computing world, and hence research into these materials and material science is of vital importance. Material Diversity The Mendeleev Periodic Table shows 118 elements, from which millions of different materials can be made. Hence, a real playground and experimentation lab for researchers