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Herewith an overview of selected press: ” Modern art patronage “| SCMP – the Peak Magazine – December, 2017 by Christie Lee “De kunst van het ondernemen” | NOS op 3 – May 27, 2017 “Suffering for your art?  Maybe you need a patron.” | New York Times -May 17, 2017 by Jennifer Miller “Een kunstsalon anno

stARTup philosphy

As applies to any driver for innovation, a fierce commitment to research and vision is needed. As In4Art we believe that artists have the capacity to bring the unexpected, the mind-boggling, new and fresh concepts. In their practice they fuse technology with art. Art is a way to enable innovation. In4Art sees parallels in the

Development Model – The Five Building Blocks

At In4Art we developed five building blocks that influence the valuation and future potential of artists. The building blocks provide the outline of our reasoning and are inspired on business valuation analytics and start-up growth theories. It provides insight in career development opportunities. Building Block 1: Solid Base Artists leaving art academy are much like start-ups.

Habitat on Tour

– a story on creating visibility – When an artist finishes an artwork, an episode is closed. While at the same time, the journey of the artwork only just begins. In this post, we want to take you on board of the journey the work ‘Habitat’ by Jakob de Jonge started to undertake. August  2016, In4Art


In4Art is founded in 2015 by Lija & Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet to build an art collection and create inspirational projects. We want to discover, collect and shine a spotlight on contemporary art to: +INspire; we organize In4Art features – our one hour talkshow format; +INnovate; we create new concepts; +INvest; we are growing a collection;