Our work is always focused on creating space for experimentation and translating this into responsible innovations for the benefit of both society and the economy. You can explore an archive of this work in the database below, which is divided into the following sections:


We co-produce and collaborate with artists both on creating original artworks and Art-Driven Innovation projects. The project experiments that are currently ongoing can be found in this section. We have two Art-Driven Innovation Experiment programs:

  • Data Interfaces
  • Closing material loops

The Data Interfaces program is focused on the technological developments in the field of AI, IoT, human- machine interaction and also deals with privacy and agency. It experiments, researches and inspires on the developments of the Next Generation Internet and follows the care path to innovation, focusing on value drivers as empowering people, improving safety and increasing transparency.

The closing material loops program is focused on the development of (innovative) materials and production methods, leading to insights on new business models, economic systems, supply chain and social breakthroughs. It experiments, researches and inspires on the materials of the future within the circular economy and follows the green path to innovation, focusing on value drivers as reduce waste, efficient use of resources and cleaner production.


We are often asked to give workshops, give trend-watching talks, or keynote talks on larger stages. Next to that, we have developed a round-table seminar format to guide informed decision making regarding implications of breakthrough technologies on a specific indusrty or challenge. To guide curiosity, and demonstrate our commitment to contemporary art, we actively collect and curate the In4Art Open Collection of Innovative Art, which aims to make inspirational artworks visible to a wider audience.


In4Art’s research work centres on the development of the Art-Driven Innovation framework and on supporting our wider network in adopting its methodologies. Our partners include universities, research institutions, and European projects.


Outside of the above categories, In4Art has previously been involved in numerous interesting projects at the intersection of art and innovation. You can explore a selection of these in the Revisit section.

Take a look at our current and past projects: