Open Collection


works: 150+     artists: 40+     locations: 15+

In4Art has a unique concept in which we help you invest in your personal development, while getting art at home and access to our inspirational Network Club. To make it accessible, we work with artworks from the Open Collection and curate special events to guide curiosity.

Why do we do this? We know it takes time to get acquainted and introduced into the art system, to discover the artworks you like and understand the stories behind it. The In4Art Open Collection gives members the pleasure of having a mini art collection, getting introduced to the art ecosystem in an easy and accessible way while developing one’s eye for art. Most of all, we believe art is made to be seen. It can only be valued if it starts a conversation with those that see it. And seeing it in your own environment, having it on display continuously, gives room for true inspiration and insight.

How do we do this? We offer a membership track in which we guide tomorrows leading art collectors and innovation seekers.  Members become part of the Network Club. As a member, they become an active patron for art. They are the guardians of work in the collection, ambassadors of the story and linking pins in the network to enable and enjoy art characterized by innovatism. Members literally open their home to art, embracing it into their lifes, having the works as a temporary companion. Through this sharing society it is possible that art is close to the people. We break down barriers to get acquainted with art in an accessible and affordable way. At the same time, it enables the creation of new art.

What makes it unique? The works in the collection are all selected on set criteria, all artists are known and carefully followed or guided by In4Art to empower their career development. Various works of the collection are shown in museums throughout Europe. Next to that, the membership fee is utilized to create a revolving fund from which we can commission new artworks and offer career development programs to the artists in the collection. For example, with the contributions from our members, we are able to commission artists to create new work for the Spotlight exhibition or to run the kickstART program.

What types of memberships do we have?
As of 2019, we work with one type of memberships for the Network Club: our patron members.
This membership costs €30,- per month. Read more on the membership conditions.

What do our members get?

In the Dutch newspaper NRC an article appeared, describing the atmosphere of the In4Art activities ‘Een kunstsalon anno 2017‘.

Reach out for more information an our memberships and Network Club.