Art-Driven Innovation Webportal

Research is a dedicated web portal that explains and exemplifies the idea generation method – Art-Driven Innovation  for potential partners and practitioners.
Art-Driven Innovation is a database-driven methodology for idea generation and identifying promising ideas at the intersection of art & technology and then applying those ideas as drivers of ethical, inclusive, and equitable innovation. Following from a conviction that social and environmental responsibility ought to be a prerequisite for any new innovation project, In4Art has designed the ADI method in such a way as to create value for commercial partners, institutions, artists, and society as a whole – thus contributing to distributive and regenerative models of economic growth .

The Art-Driven Innovation webportal contains several sections which, taken together, provide the most comprehensive overview of the ADI method currently available. It outlines nine promising fields of innovation and provides detailed information on each; identifies and explains the two most important pathways to responsible innovation, assigning relevant responsible innovation-drivers to each; and provides examples of inspiring art projects from the In4Art database.

For those interested in becoming practitioners of the Art-Driven Innovation method, the site’s ADI Report section will be of particular interest. In it, visitors will find a detailed explanation of the report cards derived from the database, together with an interactive diagram explaining how each section functions and can be used to inform responsible innovation projects. Also in this section are a number of examples of actual report cards generated from the database. Each one analyses a single artwork from the standpoint of potential innovation-value, providing a brief overview of the piece and its underlying ideas before reframing it in terms of its ability to drive innovation and inspire art-driven idea generation.

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