Features Talkshow


Features is a talkshow format in which we bridge the worlds of art and innovation

talkshows hosted: 10+     guests interviewed: 30+

In our features talkshows we invite artists and curators to take us on a journey into their minds. What is their artistic eye and how are they thinking differently to come up with better solutions? In4Art develops shows around a story line featuring artists that create revolutionary new insights. Every time we host a show we ask a different set of artists to take a seat.

Features talkshows we have developed:

Revolution of Being – what if our bodies become obsolete?


Recreating Nature – what if we need to redefine our relationship with nature all together?


Renewed Relevance – what if the solutions to our challenges have already been proposed?

Features are a valuable contribution to any art and technology related festival or conference. Places where we have held Features include:

To discuss dates, bookings and other questions, please contact our business director Rodolfo Groenewoud – van Vliet on rodolfo@in4art.eu or +31 (6) 839 81 339