Roundtable Seminar


In4Art stimulates Art Driven Innovation because we believe art is a powerful engine for responsible innovation. A Roundtable Seminar is dedicated to a selection of the breakthrough technologies we work with, such AI & Robotics, Energy, social Innovations or Breaking Resource Boundaries.

During the Roundtable Seminar we will zoom into the radical possibilities these domains have to offer.

Sneakpeak of the program:

  •   How to create possibilities for radical innovation
  •   Introducing the Art Driven Innovation method
  •   Trends in the selected breakthrough technologies field
  •   Responisble innovation opportunities 

Every organization needs insight in the opportunities for radical innovations to remain relevant. Consequently, they need to organize for innovation, stimulate an (open) innovation culture and have an innovation portfolio assessment in place to assess the progress and readiness for change. We will share how radical innovation opportunities are derived from scientific and artistic experiments, how to scout technology opportunities and how to enhance the impact of your innovation effort.  We will show examples of how such experiments have affected our daily lives, how they will do so tomorrow and why certain topics should be on the agenda now.

The Roundtable Seminar format
The format is a seminar with round table discussions, giving the opportunity to get insight and share experiences with other professionals.  We will touch upon the organization of innovation, the underlying culture, the recent developments in the breakthrough technology fields and give you a tool to get inspired and asses your innovation portfolio and potential for radical innovation.

The roundtable seminar will bring together high-level industry leaders, decision makers and innovation professionals and aims to provide new knowledge, insights for innovation opportunities and extend your professional network. It will be a group of max. 15 persons.

What will it give you?

  • Inspiration for your vision as a leader to shape innovation within your organization
  • Insight into breakthrough technologies that will radically transform your business
  • Innovation is an act of co-creation and knowledge sharing, where radical innovation profits from a multidisciplinary perspective. Therefore, during the In4Art Roundtable Seminar, we create a space for interaction and reflection among peers.
  • Tool – the Art Driven Innovation Tool will be introduced and you get the opportunity to try the tool for your needs

The Roundtable Seminar is given by the In4Art founders.