Spicy Case

art driven innovation

Spicy Case is an Art Driven Innovation by Cecilia Polonara and In4Art.

We met Cecilia during her masters graduation show at the KABK in 2019, where she presented her new habit design manifesto.  Part of it was a demonstration of an alternative way of packaging for spices – namely, without a package.

This is a very relevant and interesting approach, in which we see a contribution to themes as; no waste, responsible consumption, reducing plastic pollution and contributing to a circular economy.

For a long-time spices have played a big role in kitchens, cultures, trades, politics and even wars. Intended as additions to dishes to improve the flavour or sent, kitchens, both at home as professionally, are often equipped with many bottles, pots or jars full of spices. The need for conservation and transport results in a challenge: spices and herbs contribute greatly to food mileage (carbon footprint), are often non locally produced, industrialised and packed in plastic bottles.

With a Spicy Case we want to offer a solution. Spicy Case is an impact driven product; a tool for making reparations to ecological boundary overshooting processes and raising awareness. It exists of spice pencils, a sharpener and a cooking instruction. Additionally, it will offer a service in which we will have spice tasting workshops. We will sharpen the conversation on food related waste and rethink the notion of conservation and consumption in the first place.

To realize Spicy Case, we launched the first Christmas Kit campaign. This will enable and support us in further experiments in shape, flavour, model, partnerships and installations.

Will you support us in creating a package free future for spices? Visit spicycase.eu

With a Spicy Case we aim to start at the end and sharpen the conversation on food related waste.