Talks and Workshops


Talks and Workshops to get your organisation up to speed on disruptive technologies shaping your future.
Countries visited: 10+ Talks given: 45+ Workshops developed: 10+

In our tailored keynote talks, roundtable seminars and workshops, we focus on providing insights to make strategic informed decisions or inspire the audience. We do so through translating radical observations and artistic experiments into strategic implications and opportunities for accelerating innovation. We guide your curiosity on what the ‘Third Source of Experimentation’ could bring to you.


In4Art works with a large network of innovative artists, using their work and their ideas to catalyse societal and economical impact by fuelling the strategy and innovation processes of public and private clients.

Our keynotes offer imagination, inspiration and new perspectives. They have two main parts:

  • Perspectives on your industry through the lens of the marketplace, the political arena and society as a whole
  • Analysis of future impacts based upon radical observations and artistic prototypes that provide a sneak peak into the future: showing what can be done now, what can be done tomorrow and what should be on the agenda.

We have developed keynote speeches, short talks and workshop sessions for clients across numerous industries.

In4Art founders, Rodolfo and Lija, regularly speak on (inter)national stages. For a preview of what you can expect of one of our talks, see below:

To discuss dates, bookings and other questions on keynotes, please contact our business director Rodolfo Groenewoud – van Vliet on or  on +31 (6) 839 81 339


Some of the stages, we where invited to share our talk