Urban Peels

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Urban Peels

Urban Peels [UP] is a responsible food innovation that uses the waste of fruits, like orange peels, to create new products for human consumption. We reduce the problem of food waste by providing a new food product and experience, to help any cook use fruit peels as taste makers and nutrients in an easy way.

In the Netherlands alone, over 10 million kilograms of fruit peels are thrown away every year in households and restaurants. Some of this waste (less than 20%) is reused as compost or animal feed stock. The rest is discarded as waste. And that while the peels of fruits like oranges, limes and lemons contain vitamins and antioxidants and provide great taste to many dishes and drinks. Time to UP scale the peels.

Urban Peels is the continuation of the pilot project Spicy Case, which ran from September 2019 until February 2020. With Spicy Case, we conducted a pilot to validate the artistic idea called A New Design Habit by Cecilia Polonara to strive for a future of package free spices.

Right now Urban Peels is in the pilot phase. Together with local partners, the social venture is testing various ways to up cycle the peel and the pulp into products for human consumption. Our goal is to aim for the top of the ladder by turning food waste into human food while preventing waste after consumption, thereby contributing to a healthy, circular economy.

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