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In4Art part of study of the European Commission on knowledge valorisation

Fostering knowledge valorisation through the arts and cultural institutions study

Recently a study, commissioned by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, was published. It includes our art-driven innovation methodology as a driver for knowledge co-creation processes. The study broadly investigates the role(s) art and cultural organisations can play in fostering the valorisation of knowledge coming from research and reaches the conclusion that the ‘arts play a distinct role in knowledge processes and impactful knowledge valorisation’. A conclusion we can only but echo. However, the study also found numerous barriers which prevent the arts from making the impact they could make in the domain of knowledge valorisation.

Fortunately, the commission sees this and promises concrete recommendations to ‘overcome silos and achieve systematic transformation’ through using its funding programmes and developing initiatives that bring the arts closer to the centre of knowledge creation and valorisation in Europe. We are pleased that the study has taken such a diverse and broad view on the topic and has included several case studies and examples in our part of the field: art-driven technological and material innovation processes. From our own portfolio, Prosthetic X is included as a case study.

We are already seeing the European Commission act upon their belief in arts as drivers of research and innovation through programs as S+T+ARTS and the EIT CCI knowledge and innovation community and hope more will follow as an outcome of this study.

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