Studio Visit

The Magical Reality of Jakob de Jonge

It is so intense, bright and beautiful. It is hopeful. It gives joy. But does it really? When looking closer, darkness is lurking around the corner. Not all seems to be in such a perfect state of mind. Artist Jakob de Jonge, who we visited in his studio, explained that he always works visually and with strong contrasts. In juxtaposition lies the power of thought and reasoning. Nothing is either black or white.

It is impossible not to notice his work. It stands out through colour, size and the magical twist of reality. A supernatural reflection of dreams and hopes creates situations that make you wonder about reality. The work “ Platform” at the Prospects & Concepts section of Art Rotterdam triggered us to meet Jakob. The two-facedness message of the oil & gas industry. The promise of the second industrial revolution of endless exploring, realizing and building into limitless skies is in sharp contrast with the currently almost quarantined position of this sector due to environmental damage. But can it also become this beacon of light, creating a better world, where self-sustaining empowerment can occur.

This empowering is what we really admire. His graduation work, titled “every cell of your body is to heal and is to function as it should” resembles the unexpected. It gives hope of new horizons. Standing in front of one of his blossoms make you blush, as if you meet someone in Spring that lights up your day. Providing courage to persist with what you do. If you try and continue, you will be able to succeed. The blossom will grow and grow and all those obstacles, the concrete jungle around it, will not decapitate your efforts. Or take “ Turmoil”, having all those exotic free flying birds above the flat well cultivated polders. Are they outplaced? Or do they add beauty by being different from the dangerous unnoticeable average grey.  We wonder how Jakob will challenge our believes and make us lose our way in his dream states.

As various opinions enrich our viewpoint, the works of Jakob de Jonge enriches our perspective with charmingly colours. A reminder to look beyond, not to settle for the first impression. But it does help that this first impression is of such grand appeal.