Studio Visit

Understanding Life

Willem Besselink uses his artwork as a mirror to show the structures of habits and daily occurrence. He researches the status quo and starts to reimagine it by conducting experiments with matter and form. This results in sculptures, paintings, installations, lightworks, drawings… a mixed media pallet.

Mijn afstanden

By using self-imposed instructions he fuels creativity. Instructions for gathering data on his sleep pattern, his transportation modes, the tint of his urine, the daily appointments. He questions how to get a hold of myself? The outcomes are appealing abstract visual images. But all resulting from thorough research. There is no serendipity.


Slapen/ Waken

Willem Besselink is building on the legacy of conceptual art by applying data research and analytics to visualize from in geometric shapes and line drawings. We decided to add a small overview of his work and included 4 works into the Open Collection.

The Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki – Huraki Murakami







In two works, Willem zooms into daily behaviour: sleep and transportation. In a way, it showcases 21st century self-portraits. He became both the observer as the observed.  The last work is a bit different, since the starting point is a literature book. The Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki of Huraki Murakami. But then the book is about someone researching himself to understand his life. And Willem researched the use of colours and translated that into shapes and lines.


Willem Besselink fits the In4Art collection on the lines renewed relevance and material research. He studies, analyses and visualizes patterns through innovative uses of matter and form. He also transforms and remixes images, while combing a lot of data, to give them renewed relevance. The research and personal additions make it into something different. This helps to look further, beyond the status quo. Continuously asking questions on the human behaviour and surrounding. He is based in Rotterdam.

Willem participated in the In4Art Features on Renewed Relevance of June 30th, 2017 at the Border Sessions Festival.